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360 Degree Sports Lab designs triathlon programs according to scientific principles, along with experienced gained through racing triathlon over the past 20 years. Regardless of the level of supervision each program adheres to the 360 Degree training philosophy which accommodates individual demands and fitness levels. Our programs are aimed at the complete novice through to the pro racer. When you sign up for a 360 Degree Triathlon program, you will recevive the following:

  • An individualised training program that takes into consideration factors such as previous injury, time restraints, and fitness level
  • A scientifically sound program that addresses all aspects of the athlete-strength, speed, power, endurance, injury risk and nutrition
  • Coaching from a Biokineticist with 20years of local and international triathlon experience
  • Weekly feedback and program adjustments
  • Monthly supervised ride, run and open-water swim
  • Advice on bike set-up and stroke correction
  • Access to the 360 Degree Facility for unsupervised strength and running training at no extra cost

360 Degree Sports Lab offers four triathlon products, each varying in the degree of supervision.

Independent program

This is the most basic plan and is purely online. It is best suited for long distance coaching of athletes unable to attend supervised classes, located in other geographic regions or just wanting guidance through a program.  Assessments, program design, coaching guidance and feedback are all done on-line. Athletes will have access to self-assessment protocols to establish baseline data and exercise technique video footage to demonstrate aspects of the strength program.                   

Semi-Supervised Program

This program involves an initial period of supervision during the assessment and program design phase. After an initial assessment and program design, the athletes attend four (4) supervised sessions where the athletes are taught strength exercise technique, bike heart rate/ power zones and field running drills. Athletes then train twice a week at the Sports Lab facility in a semi-supervised capacity. Further, athletes signed up for a Semi-supervised program will get additional access to the facility to train unsupervised at no extra cost. After eight (8) weeks, athletes will be re-assessed to determine progress and program effectiveness. Feedback and adjustments will be made where necessary.                                                                                                                                              

 Fully-Supervised Program

This program has the highest degree of supervision, after the assessment and program design the athlete will get three (3) supervised sessions per week for the duration of the program. This program has the highest level of supervision and athletes will receive feedback and guidance on a weekly/daily basis. The supervised sessions will be a mix of strength, running and indoor bike, depending on the phase of the program.                                                                                                                                      


This allows the athlete to choose a combination of the Semi-supervised and Independent programs. Athletes can do the initial testing and supervised sessions of the Semi-supervised program and then train independently from that point on. The athlete can then choose to return after 8 weeks for re-testing or do the self-evaluation test battery.                                                                                             


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