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 360 Degree Sports Lab is a TRIATHLON CLUB with the sole focus of getting newbies into the sport of triathlon. It brings together a group of highly energetic individuals who have a passion for making radical changes in their lives and for those who have serious intent to shoot for an incredible goal like completing a 70.3 or Full IRONMAN.


Anybody is welcome to join the group ...... even those just looking for people to train with, as this is often a challenge in our demanding lives. We are based in Honeydew near Eagle Canyon. Just contact us and we will add you to our WhatsApp group with pleasure.


If you are looking for a bit of structure around your training, we can provide you with a personalised plan delivered to your mobile device using TrainingPeaks software:


  • Individualised Training Programs are generated by a certified IRONMAN coach who currently participates in IRONMAN events.
  • Programs are tailored to your limitations and your goals, with a strong emphasis on ensuring a good life balance. This is what makes the journey to an IRONMAN event so much more rewarding.
  • They are generated according to scientific principles that focus on athlete strength, speed, power & endurance.
  • We focus on helping NEWBIES to the sport  through to the INTERMEDIATE triathlete.

So ..... if you want to be standing on that beach facing the challenge of your dreams give us a shout and join our group!


To sign up ... Contact Us